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Every year there are hundreds of students across the UK who are assigned over a dozen essays per academic year. Even though students may complain that writing these essays are difficult and requires time that they cannot spare but the purpose of these essays is to test the student's knowledge of the subject they are being taught. That said not having the time to write these essays owing to numerous personal commitments means that many students do not even start writing their essay until it's a day or two prior to the deadline. This almost always results in low quality essays and the leading reason why students should opt to hire expert academic essay writing services like the one we offer at Sliq.

How Sliq can help you?

There are many students who have asked us this questions over the years. People who have used academic essay writing service in the past often complain of low quality essays and want to know how we differ from those services. The fact is that there are many factors which sets our essay writing service apart from all the others that you may see. The first and perhaps the most important factor worth considering for students is that we are based in the UK and we are proudly UK owned. All our employees are  educated in the UK and are native English speakers this is to ensure that the essays we provide are 100% free from punctuation and grammatical issues.

At Sliq we are proud of the fact that we only hire and have the best writers with over five years of industry experience in addition to their field of expertise. This ensures that they are familiar with the formatting and language requirements for essays in the UK. In addition we also have teams who mainly specialize in writing and researching highly complex and difficult thesis mostly for doctorial programs. This allows us to even cater to people who may be in the final year of a PhD program.

Excellent customer service

Even though we are a high quality academic essay writing service, the fact remains that we have spent a lot of time on trying to develop a great customer service team. The current customer service system we use makes it very easy for students to order the essay they want online. Students can also send through feedback and questions regarding our service directly through the website. Our systems also ensures that students are constantly kept up to date on how much their essays have progressed and if we have any questions for them. Keep in mind that even though writing essays is time consuming, thanks to our team of experts we can finish essays urgently if required. That said students should contact us right away or as soon as possible so that we have enough time to work on their essay. 

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