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Many students in the UK are tasked with writing an array of assignments. The vast majority of these assignments are made up of dissertations, essays and thesis. These assignments are a part of almost all courses and up to PhD. level in the country. However, the nature of these assignments merits that students not only have a thorough understanding of the subject being discussed but also have the time to research the subject further. At times the research can even cost money. That said many students in the country do not have the luxury of time and money especially if they are paying their way through college or university. But not having the money or the time does not mean that these students are not brilliant it just means that they need a bit of help and this is where Sliq Essays custom essay writing service comes in.

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Our custom writing service is one of the leading services in the UK. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are proudly British owned and operate within the country. We are a registered business and pay our taxes, which also means that we are subject to the laws of the country. This ensures that quality and accountability are two of our biggest attributes. In order to ensure that students get the best custom writing service in the country we have put together a team of experienced writers who have years of experience in the industry. They are also educated in the UK up to Masters level and some are even PhDs. This allows us to provide a service to students regardless of if they are studying for their PhD. or if they need a high school level essay.

Delivered on time and checked for originality

Having a team of expert writers ensures that we always deliver on time. Plus every essay, dissertation or thesis that we receive is reviewed by our team of editors with years of experience. The job of our editors is to further fine tune the written content so that it is perfect in every way. Finally all content is passed through various plagiarism checking programs to ensure that they are original before they are sent to you i.e. our clients. The biggest advantage of passing the content we write through multiple pages is that we have rarely received a complaint from our clients. As a matter of fact most students are regular customers and proudly recommend us to their friends and family members who are facing the same problem that they are.

Our custom writing service is designed to help students regardless of their level of education. Our service helps with research and formulating topics too. Since, every member of our team is an expert and we also have academics, students can expect to receive the help they need in order to get good grades and later write their own content when needed. 

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Sliq Essays provides essay writing and rewriting services. We produce researched and custom work for assistance purposes only.It is recommended to use the work we provide with a proper reference source.