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Descriptive essay

To, start off with students need to understand that the purpose of a descriptive essay is to create a vivid image of the story in the reader's mind. This usually means having to use all their five senses. Obviously this is not an easy task for everyone, perhaps the only students who may find writing this type of essay easy are ones who have a natural flair for writing or thosewho have some experience with creative writing in the past.

Picking a topic

One of the initial steps to writing a descriptive essay is to mainly focus on the person, the event, a thing or the place. Once you direct your reader's focus to where you want it to be, you'll beable to start figuring out exactly how to unravel the idea about the topic. The topic should be mainly described to the reader in a sort of 'show' and not really a 'tell' manner. For instance, you should notsay "There were animals near the lake" but rather  "Animals were wondering near the lake, as a cheetah closed in nearby ready to attack." Many students get this one very important point wrong and so require descriptive essay help.

Start with some prep work

All students who have been assigned a descriptive essayshould start with drawing up to five columns on a large piece of paper followed bylabeling each with a sense. These have to represent taste, sound, sight, touch and smell. Many if not all beginners will find this particular method to be useful as it helps them keep their thoughts organized when drafting the essay. When writing down your essay make sure that you mention the senses that you are feeling in any one of those columns. The more details you can include the better it will be.

Structure the essay

We also strongly advise that students try to break their essay down into five different paragraphs i.e. the introductory paragraph in the beginning, three body paragraphs which work to prove the thesis and then a concluding paragraph which is used to summarize everything in your essay. Ideally, students are encouraged to structure the essay in a manner so that it helps to make sense of the topic. So, if you're writing about an event, your paragraphs should be chronologically ordered. If the essay is about a place or perhaps a thing then order them so that they start by being general and slowly become specific.

Descriptive essay writing service

Our experience working with students shows that many find this type of essay difficult. However, in order for students to get good grades the essay should be properly presented. This is how our descriptive essay help can help students in the UK with their essays. Thanks to our professionals we can provide you with well written essays which will help you get the best grades. 

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