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At SliqEssays we have one of the largest and most qualified teams of editors, proof readers and writers in the industry. This is why our essay editing and proofreading service is considered the best in the UK. Our approach to essay editing and proofreading goes beyond just merely correcting a few grammatical issues and suggesting edits. Our team of experts will actually fix sentence structure issues, remove spelling errors, fix errors in tenses, format your essay to the appropriate style and ensure that your references are all in line with the topic of your essay. This is a time consuming task but it's worthwhile since it irons out all the potential kinks that your essay may have which means that your teacher has no excuse to give you a low grade.

All papers can be improved

At SliqEssays we strongly believe that regardless of if you are a law student or someone who is studying finance there is always that extra mile you can go in order to further improve your essay. However, once many students are done with their essay and it may seem perfect to them, the fact remains that it may not always be perfect. Teachers in most cases have a keen eye for detail and will deduct marks for the slightest of errors. This is why students who have worked exceptionally hard on their essays feel disappointed when spelling and grammar issues, something which they checked and rechecked a couple of times dragged their grades down.

The biggest difference between our essay editing and proofreading service and the hundreds of others out there is the fact that our team of editors and proofreaders have years of industry experience. They are also all native English speakers who have been educated at least up to Masters level in the UK. They have also spent years in the publishing industry, an industry which requires people with talent and skill to iron out kinks in written content.This is why we are able to find issues which even most teachers may overlook. This allows for us to ensure that your essay whether it is a first draft or the final one is both grammatically and even factually correct. Now there is no reason for you to lose marks to a typo, or a sentence which does not make sense.

At Sliq Essays we can proof read and edit your document in both .doc and .docx format. In addition, we also accept .ppt, pdf and rtf format documents. So, regardless of if you are using a Mac to write your thesis, essay or term paper you can still send it to us and get the best help that money can buy from our experts.

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